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RIAP INDONESIA is a private company, ‘pt’, which specifically focused on the natural resources management and consultant. RIAP INDONESIA established on 5th June 2002 pursuant to incorporation deed number 3 in notary public Ina Rosaina, SH., and decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Right number C-13002.HT.01.01.TH.2002 dated 16th July 2002. The encouragement for adaptation to changing ways of thinking and current work patterns in the consultant business has motivated RIAP INDONESIA’s management to immediately rejuvenate its company. The spirit of the change was marked by the addition of the company name to RIAP INDONESIA LESTARI, which was recorded in deed number 220 dated 20th May 2018 by Notary Sakti Lo, SH., and the Minister of Law and Human Rights number AHU-0027612.AH.01.01. TAHUN 2018 dated 30th May 2018.

RIAP INDONESIA LESTARI, hereinafter referred to as RIAPINDO, was established in response a transformation interrelationship between natural resources and human that habitually brings consequences of loss and degradation of environment. RIAPINDO has being committed to accompany and facilitate stakeholders to the environment, i.e.: community, governments, private sectors and the other related tendentious, beyond the effort to sustainability of economy, social-culture, and ecology.

  1. Perform a most credible, strongest and eminent, both inside the country and abroad, to the integrated management and consultant on the natural resources management.
  2. Perform a responsive organization to the transformation of the interrelationship between natural resources and human, direct and indirectly, which fully purposed to community well-being in an umbrella of sustainability of economy, social-culture, and environment.
  3. Perform a house for corporate management who can generate a culture and atmosphere of self-courage entrepreneurship to the potential and professional young generations of Indonesia to be readily fought in a globally competitive level.
  1. Build an understanding, comprehension and commitment of stakeholders behavior to the importance of environment, and also to enforce the willingness and capability to act more responsible to the natural resources as the gift of God’s creation, which is fully beneficial to human kind well-being, both local and national and also globally.
  2. Build a collaboration with community, governments, enterprises and the other related tendentious, both inside the country and abroad, direct and indirectly, beyond the effort to the sustainability of natural resources and its utilization wisely, fair and accountable in accordance to conserve the existence and function of Indonesian natural resources as the world green pulmonary and living buffer.
  3. Build the changes to create self-courage entrepreneurship in some twists of the environmental management and development, to the potential and professional young generations of Indonesia to be ready to fight in a global competitive which always have high innovation, initiative advantage in a global level.
  1. To study and inform comprehensively of the potencies and improvement of natural resources and environment in Indonesia as an origin activities which is based on protection, conservation, utilization, and development as of right, environmental friendly, and wise.
  2. To improve the research and technology basis for ensuring the balanced between management of natural resources and environment.
  3. To design analysis and implementing policies and technologies for sustainable use and management of tangible and intangible environmental services.
  4. To educate, facilitate and accompany community, government, private sector, and the other stakeholders in utilization of natural resources and environment.
  5. To conduct, facilitate and go together with government in order to strengthen national capacity in managing and developing the motivations and issues of utilization of nature resources and nature conservation by the integrated publications and information management.
  6. To guide and improve the stakeholders in order to support the development of policies and technologies for the optimal use of natural resources environment services.

RIAPINDO is organized by a number of Indonesian young advanced on the natural resources management and conservation under supervision of working mechanism the RIAPINDO’s Corporate and Services Management.

RIAPINDO applies a management system with a lean organizational structure, that consisting of only 3 levels, namely directors, managers and staff/consultants.

In quality, RIAPINDO is empowered by 5 purview analysis (laboratory), that operated by Research and Development Managers; they are:
• RDP 1 – economic and investment to analysis,
• RDP 2 – social and culture to analysis,
• RDP 3 – biophysics and conservation to analysis,
• RDP 4 – legal and formal to analysis, and
• RDP 5 – remote sensing and geographic information system to analysis.

Furthermore, this entire analysis division is also a quality control for every kind of planning and projects activities undertaken by RIAPINDO.

Technically, RIAPINDO’s planning and projects activities are qualificated into 3 portfolios, that operated by Projects Operation Managers; they are:
• NRM Consulting – Natural Resource Management;
• GEOWORK Consulting – Geographic Management of Land and Regions;
• MARC Consulting – Marketing Research.

Duration Assignment Client Role on the Assignment
1 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2022 Consulting Service for Sub National Supporting Units at KPHP Unit VII Limau, Jambi Province and KPHP Unit VI Lakitan, Sumatera Selatan Province in The Indonesia Forest Investment Program (FIP) II: Promoting Sustainable Community-Based Natural Management and Institutional Development MOEF, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF FORESTRY PLANOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE (FUNDED BY DANIDA AND THE WORLD BANK) Technical Implementation Consultant
1 Sep – 31 Dec 2018 Consulting Services for Strengthen Legislation, Policy and Institutional Capacity in Decentralized Forest Management 1) Identification of financing mechanism to provide State Budget e.g. APBN and/or Local Budget APBD funds to KPHs 2) Identification of enabling environment to allow for gazetting and land use planning both around and within KPHs, including defining the role of KPH 3) Identification of community level policy and regulatory framework 4) Identification of system of monitoring and reporting on all license holders 5) Identification of the establishment KPH under low as a government enterprise (PPK-BLUD) to enhance public services delivery and client business service delivery MOEF-FIP (FUNDED BY DANIDA AND THE WORLD BANK) Expert Team
27 Jul 2016 – Dec 2018 Consulting Services of the Agro-based Industry, the Ministry of Industry 1) The Implementation of Commodities Sector of Agro based Industry Development in the State Border Areas: Development of Honey Processing Industry in the Kapuas Upstream, Kalimantan Barat Province 2) Government Policy Strategy for National Sugar Self-Sufficiency: The issuance of Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 10/M-IND/PER/3/ 2017 dated 20 March 2017 concerning Facilities Obtaining Raw Material in the framework of Sugar Industry Development 3) Government Policy Strategy and Roadmap for National Fresh Milk Self-Sufficiency 4) Government Policy Strategy and Roadmap of Natural Rubber Absorption for the National Road Asphalt 5) Government Policy Strategy in Improving the Competitiveness of National Rattan Industry: Improvement of the National Rattan Business Governance 6) Government Policy Strategy in Improving the Competitiveness of National Cacao, Seaweed, Palm and Coconut Sugar, Tea, Flour, Fish: The Implementation of Processing-Machine Assistance Program for Small and Medium Enterprises based on Community Groups in some regions of Indonesia 7) Government Policy Strategy in Controlling of Tobacco-based Industry in Indonesia 8) Government Policy Strategy in Controlling and Improving of Alcoholic Beverage Industry in Indonesia: The Utilization of Solid Palm Sugar as Raw Material for Legal Alcoholic Beverage Industry in North Sulawesi 9) Conducting the Bilateral Cooperation in Indonesia–Japan Business Network for Agro-based Industry Sectors: Asia Business Development Program of Fukuoka Prefecture MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF AGRO-BASED INDUSTRY Expert Team
2014 - 2015 Consulting Services of EU-FAO FLEGT Program; Bridging TLAS/SVLK to The Small Furniture Industry in Indonesia. ASMINDO (EU-FAO – FLEGT) Expert Team

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