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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting RIAPINDO LESTARI website and reviewing our Privacy Policy. RIAPINDO LESTARI respects the privacy of our users and visitors. We will never sell, rent, or give away your personal information. Any information collected will only be used for the sole purpose of providing you and your business the best possible service. This Privacy Policy explains RIAPINDO LESTARI usage of user and visitor data.


Automatic Data Collection & Storage

RIAPINDO LESTARI automatically collects specific technical information whenever someone visits the site. This helps us ensure our users have the best possible experience. RIAPINDO LESTARI uses web measurement technology (Google Analytics) to automatically track how visitors interact with RIAPINDO LESTARI, including the origin and span of their visit, pattern of use, and any forms completed. Statistical and aggregate data is used to help RIAPINDO LESTARI improve our users’ experience. We strive to improve our offerings and to meet the needs of our customers, track operational problems, and improve the effectiveness, security, and integrity of the site. This information will not be used to identify you personally. Data collected and stored is used only to help us make the site more useful for our users and visitors. From each page visited, we collect and store only the following technical information:

  1. Date and time of access
  2. Webpages visited
  3. URL address of the RIAPINDO LESTARI webpage visited
  4. Internet domain and IP address from which our website was accessed
  5. Type of browser and operating system used to access our site (if provided by the browser)
  6. URL address of the referring page (if provided by the browser)
  7. Completion or success status of the request for a webpage or other on-line item
  8. File size of the webpage visited



Many websites employ web servers that generate pieces of information known as cookies. Cookies help webmasters understand how users and visitors interact with their site’s content and services. Websites use cookies to track one’s activities on a website (e.g., pages visited, links clicked, etc.), and to record information about the user. This facilitates the provision of personalized features for users and visitors that return to the site.

A webmaster will generate one of the following two types of cookies. A session cookie is a line of text that is stored temporarily in your web browser’s memory cache and will expire once the browser is closed. A session cookie is not placed on any hard drive and is destroyed as soon as you close your browser. A persistent cookie is saved to a file on your hard drive and is accessed whenever you re-visit the website that generated the cookie. This allows that website to remember a visitor’s points of interest from their last visit and personalize certain menus and options.

RIAPINDO LESTARI uses persistent cookies to enable Google Analytics to differentiate between new and returning site visitors. Persistent cookies remain on your computer between visits to ECOUNT Inc.’s site until they expire. You may disable cookies from your computer; however, you may not be able to access some of the visitor personalized information on our website.


Information Collected from Forms

RIAPINDO LESTARI provides forms that enable visitors to voluntarily submit personal information (such as an e-mail address, name, phone number, and organization). This voluntary submission of information occurs when a visitor signs up for a product demo or free trial; as well as the submission of questions and comments to the RIAPINDO LESTARI team.

Responses to Email Inquiries: When users and visitors send email inquiries to RIAPINDO LESTARI, the return email address is used to answer the email inquiry we receive. RIAPINDO LESTARI will not use the return email address for any other purpose and will not share the return email address with a third party.

Sharing: RIAPINDO LESTARI may collaborate with other parties to provide specific services, such as online survey providers, billing solutions, or email notifications that are designed to enhance the functionality of our product and services. When a customer signs up for these services, RIAPINDO LESTARI will only share names or other contact information that is necessary for the third party to provide these services. In the event that it is used with a third party, the data is only provided to the corresponding staff that requires this information to perform their duties. RIAPINDO LESTARI retains the results of the third-party vendors to improve their user offerings. It is RIAPINDO LESTARI’s policy not to use or share the personal information of users or visitors for any matter unrelated to the ones described above. If you would like to prohibit such sharing, you have the opportunity to opt-out of such activities. However, RIAPINDO LESTARI will share information you voluntarily provide to other government agencies if required by law.


Server security

RIAPINDO LESTARI’s servers are stored in a secure facility. Employees cannot access the servers unless they are part of the server maintenance team. The login pages in the program are secure webpages that utilize SSL technology and data encryption. Please visit our data security page for more information regarding our server security policies.



RIAPINDO LESTARI websites contain links to other sites. RIAPINDO LESTARI is not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites. We encourage our users and visitors to read the privacy policy of each website they visit. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information collected on RIAPINDO LESTARI websites.


Opt-Out Policy

If you would like RIAPINDO LESTARI to remove your personal data from our servers, please send us a request through consult@riapindo.com.
We will have all your personal data removed from all servers within three (3) business days.


Notification of Changes

If we make any changes to the RIAPINDO LESTARI Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on the RIAPINDO LESTARI website so our users and visitors remain informed. We will always use information in accordance with the RIAPINDO LESTARI Privacy Policy.